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Thursday, January 21, 2021

With all the new devices, websites, and apps we use each day, finding the right one for your life can get a little overwhelming. That’s where “Tech Byte” comes in. This weekly segment navigates the world of tech to find the best ways for you to stay up to date on what’s new and what works.

TECH BYTE: High-Tech Gadgets for Your Home

Let's look at some high tech gadgets featured at CES you'll want to have at home.

TECH BYTE: A Look at Tech Used in the Mandalorian

Let's see what it takes to make the Mandalorian.

TECH BYTE: How to Make a Call Without Cell Service

Let's look at what you can do when a cell network is down.

TECH BYTE: Best Small Appliances for Home Cooking

Let's look at some of the best small appliances that'll make cooking easier than ever.

TECH BYTE: Fun Apps for Celebrating Christmas

Let's look at some smartphone apps that can help you celebrate the holidays.