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With all the new devices, websites, and apps we use each day, finding the right one for your life can get a little overwhelming. That’s where “Tech Byte” comes in. This weekly segment navigates the world of tech to find the best ways for you to stay up to date on what’s new and what works.
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TECH BYTE: Gadgets Enhance Outdoor Experience

There's no need to leave your cell phone at home, just because you're in the great outdoors.

TECH BYTE: School Tech Products Make Learning Easier for Students

Kids don't have to dread going back to school if they have some of the latest tech products.
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TECH BYTE: Stream for Free at Your Local Library

Libraries aren't just for reading anymore.

TECH BYTE: Use Smartphone Apps to Make Traveling Easier

Summer is a popular time to go on a big trip or vacation, but getting to your destination doesn't have to be stressful.

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