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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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D-Day’s 24 hours changed 20th century, and Europe, forever

ON OMAHA BEACH, France (AP) — All at once, Charles Shay tried to stanch the bleeding from a ripped-open stomach, dull the pain with...

Lead from Notre Dame fire dictates area health precautions

PARIS (AP) — Paris police say areas near Notre Dame Cathedral with elevated lead levels after the fire that ravaged the famous monument will...

Top House Democrat steps up demand for Trump’s tax returns

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top House Democrat on Saturday ratcheted up his demand for access to President Donald Trump’s tax returns, telling the IRS...

What’s Trending? Kanye the Cop, McDonald’s Chicken McGriddle, and a Thermal Imaging Smartphone

If Kanye West wants to get out of debt, Philadelphia police have a job offer for him.

What’s Trending? Deadpool, iPhone Time Hoax, & Dave Grohl

Deadpool, iPhone Time Hoax, & Dave Grohl and other topics are trending this morning

What’s Trending on 2/11/16? Star Wars VIII, Harry Potter Returns, and Mario Kart Live

Star Wars VIII, Harry Potter Returns, and Mario Kart Live are all trending this morning
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Mom To Mom – Use Amazon Boxes to Fold Your Clothes

We're going to put those Amazon boxes to some good use and teach your kids how to fold at the same time.

Tim Kelly & Kim White neck and neck going into runoff

15 candidate field for Mayor is down to 2.

Mocs Coach Rusty Wright Still Trying to Navigate New Spring Football Season

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Spring is in the air in Chattanooga, and so is the pigskin. UTC's spring football season kicked off last weekend with a win over...

Boys Region Semifinal Scores

CSAS    56 Oneida  55 Tyner      62 Red Bank 47 Howard  71 Loudon   62 Cleveland  68 White Co   53 Warren Co      75 East Hamilton  66