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TBI and GBI Arrest More than 30 People in Undercover Trafficking Operation

Approximately 35 men and women are now behind bars.

The Condom Challenge: Is it Safe or Smart?

It's being called the Condom Challenge, and it's sweeping the Internet by storm.

Cleveland Police arrest sex offender

Cleveland Police say investigators identified, found and arrested a Facebook sexual predator.

Sexual Assault on Webb Road Tuesday

Authorities are looking for a suspect accused of sexually assaulting a woman on Webb Road in Chattanooga Tuesday morning.

Cracking down on human trafficking

Authorities say human sex trafficking is the second fastest growing crime in the world behind drug trafficking.

Marion County Man Charged with Solicitation of a Minor

Hamilton County authorities say 27-year-old Christian Matthews came from Marion County to Chattanooga to have sex with a minor.

Ringgold neighbors reveal more info about an accused child molester

When police searched his home, they found a computer video card and collected it as possible evidence against Harris.

6-year old boy is victim of multiple sex crimes

"He would try to make my 6-year old son have sex with a 17-year old girl," said the mother.

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