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River City Company Responds to Lawsuit Seeking to Halt the Business Improvement District

Paty says "private taxation" and spending authority - and lack of public accountability, are his main concerns.

Development plans expected in downtown Chattanooga parking lot

New apartments and commercial space are expected to soon go up in downtown Chattanooga.

$1 billion commercial and residential in downtown Chattanooga

A recent national survey says Chattanooga offers affordable downtown living compared to national averages. The average two bedroom rent goes for about $900, while nationwide...

Is downtown parking keeping up with Chattanooga’s growth?

"We want to make sure we are planning for the future and making smart decisions about how limited downtown space is utilized.”

Housing Growth Downtown

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- If you've driven through Chattanooga lately, you've probably seen more than one busy construction site. Many of those sites are new housing...

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