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CADAS Reacts to Addicted Mother Being Charged

Treatment centers know there were some studies done in the 80's that indicated that to withdraw a pregnant woman from opiates entirely, might harm the fetus.

Agencies work together to combat opioid crisis

fter recent overdose deaths in Hamilton County, different agencies are coming together to figure out what they can do about the opioid crisis.

Tennessee sees increase in drug overdose deaths

Tennessee Department of Health data shows deaths from drug overdoses increased in 2017.

Cleveland sees an increase in crime

The City of Cleveland is seeing an increase in crime compared to previous years.

Battling opioid crisis in Tennessee

According to health experts, 1,186 people died from overdoses in Tennessee in 2016.

Former addicts spread hope of addiction recovery

It is National Opioid Awareness Day and events were planned all over the nation as well as right here in the scenic city. News 12's...

Number of seniors in Tennessee hospitalized due to opioids triples

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Federal data shows the number of senior citizens in Tennessee who are hospitalized due to painkillers has more than tripled over the last decade.

Doctors and first responders work to combat opioid problem

In order to combat the opioid epidemic in the Tennessee Valley, doctors and first responders have had to take different approaches.

Tennessee sets new record in drug overdose deaths in 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Tennessee health officials say the state hit a record in drug overdose deaths in 2015.

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