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Netflix announces fashion design competition series

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s been a minute since a new fashion design competition has occurred. Enter: “Next in Fashion,” soon to come on...

No EPB Fiber Internet for Rural Areas of Hamilton and Bradley Counties This Year

Areas of Hamilton and Bradley counties will not be getting high-speed internet access from EPB anytime soon.

TBI and GBI Arrest More than 30 People in Undercover Trafficking Operation

Approximately 35 men and women are now behind bars.

Looking Ahead to February 3, 2016

Hamilton County Commissioners spend discretionary funds, Tennessee residents rally for municipal Internet service, and it's National Signing Day!

Cleveland/Bradley County Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Committee hosts forum on high-speed broadband in...

District 22 representative Dan Howell expects a bill addressing broadband coverage to be discussed again and possibly voted on as early as January.

Residents are outraged by a state law restricting them from high-speed Internet

Joyce Coltrin said she can't ship products to her customers around the country because she's missing one important thing.

Gig Tank Hits the Gig City

Start-ups begin two month collaboration in Chattanooga with investors and experts.
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JOE FRUGAL: 10 FREE Movies When You Sign Up for VUDU

Sign-up for Walmart's online movie service, Vudu, today and receive 10 free movies for your collection.

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