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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Tag: Hooked On Science

Hooked On Science – Watch a Giant Crayon Explode

Watch the video as Jason Lindsey makes a giant crayon explode with just some baking soda and vinegar.

Hooked On Science – Turn Water Upside Down Without Spilling A Drop

Can you turn a cup of water upside down without spilling the water?

Hooked On Science – Create a Soda Shower with a Mentos

You’re not going to believe what happens when you put candy in soda. It’s an experiment, our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, says you’ll want to do in the backyard.

Hooked On Science – Keep Your Napkin Dry While Submerged In Water

Can you keep a napkin dry while dunking it in water? Our “science guy,” Jason Lindsey can and he shows you how you can do it also.

Hooked On Science – Dissolve an Eggshell With Vinegar

Find out what vinegar can do to an eggshell.

Hooked On Science – Launch a 4th of July Rocket in Your Kitchen

Did you know you can launch a rocket in your living room? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, shows us how to use a few ingredients, from around the house, to launch the Fourth of July rocket.

Hooked On Science – Balance a Lot of Nails On One Nail

It’s a trick, with twenty gigantic nails, you can use science to solve.

Hooked On Science – How To Make Raisins Dance

When you add raisins to your soda, our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, says the raisins will dance. Here’s the science behind the trick.

Hooked On Science – Fill Up A Bag With Just One Breath

How many breaths of air would it take for you to inflate a five feet long bag? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, says one. Here’s the science behind the trick.

Hooked On Science – Pop a Balloon with an Orange

Oranges are sharp, right? According to our “science guy,” you can use an orange to pop a balloon. Here’s how!
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