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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Tag: Hooked On Science

Hooked On Science – Fireproof Balloon

Hold a fire to a balloon and it will pop, right? Science says not so fast. Find out how to keep a balloon from popping.

Hooked On Science – Disappearing Ink

Ever wish you could make the words, you just wrote, disappear? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, says you can, with a special pen.

Hooked On Science – Levitating Ping Pong Ball

Defy gravity with just a straw.

Hooked On Science – Create a Cloud Ring Launcher

Launch cloud rings into your living room with this launcher that you can make using everyday materials. Here's how to do it.

Hooked On Science – Watch a Spring Cloud Form

Clouds, you see them in the sky, but did you know you can create one in your living room? Our “science guy,” Jason Lindsey, shows us how to create a spring cloud by using some super cold ice and hot water.

Hooked On Science – Trick the Brain with Coffee Cup Sleeves

When you're done with your coffee, see how you can use a couple coffee cup sleeves to trick your brain.

Hooked On Science – Watch a Carrot Soar Into the Air

Do carrots soar through the air at your house? Possibly, if you have kids! Our “Science Guy” Jason Lindsey, says they do at his! Watch as he uses science to launch a gigantic carrot.

Hooked On Science – Change an Egg Into a Geode Rock

What came first, the chicken or the... geode?!? Follow this experiment to change an egg into a geode rock.

Hooked On Science – Watch a Cucumber Become a Pickle

You might eat one for a snack, but does your pickle glow? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, shows us what happens when you send electricity through a pickle.

Hooked On Science – Create a Rainbow in Your Cereal Bowl

You might see a rainbow after a storm, but have you ever found one in your milk? Here's how to use a few ingredients, from around the house, to create a rainbow in your cereal bowl.
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