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RICO arraignments make for busy day in Court

44 gang members are arraigned in person and from jail.
gang injunction hearingvideo

Judge will decide on gang injunction in East Lake

After listening to testimony during a trial, a judge will decide whether a temporary gang injunction in East Lake will be permanent.

Chattanooga Police look into “Mindset of a Gang Member”

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) - The Chattanooga Police department says they are doing everything they can to reduce the amount of gang related shootings in our...

Community leaders work to combat violence among young people

Parents, educators and community leaders gathered at the Kingdom Center on Thursday to try to figure out how to fix the issue of gun violence among young people.

Gas station shooting suspect captured; suspect is a validated gang member

McKinney has a criminal rap sheet more than a page long.

Push to help former Chattanooga gang members start a new life

"It's hard for them to break away from gangs, so this helps them," Freeman said
Reported Credit Union robberyvideo

CPD warning City of Hoax Post on Social Media

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) - Chattanooga Police are warning individuals in the city of a hoax post that is circulating on Social Media. The post states...

8 Georgia prisons locked down after death, brawl, gang feuds

ATLANTA (AP) - Authorities say eight Georgia prisons are on lockdown after a bloody June that included the killing of an inmate in one...

Mayor Berke discusses the ongoing spree of shootings in the city

What is the city doing right now to combat gangs?

Monday’s shooting victim had history of gang violence

Its a tragic look at family history with gangs and violence in Chattanooga

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