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Fabulous Father: Rick Marler from Chattanooga

Family has always been a priority for Rick Marler. While many parents try to teach their children life lessons, Marler's daughter credits his example of being a servant to others with showing her the value of helping others.

JOE FRUGAL: Krystal Offers 10 for $5.99 April Discount

Krystal celebrates Spring with a seasonal promotion in several markets, including Chattanooga.

Early Morning Shooting in Chattanooga on Dodds and East Main

Chattanooga police investigate an early morning shooting.

Chattanooga Police Confirm another Shooting Death in the Scenic City

Chattanooga police confirm another shooting death in the Scenic City. This latest round of gun violence happened last night around 11:30.

Chattanooga Plans for Possible Volkswagen Expansion

Chattanooga steps up its efforts to land another Volkswagen model.

Early Voting Begins Today in Chattanooga and Collegedale

Early voting starts today for municipal elections in Chattanooga and Collegedale.

Shooting on Taylor Street in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Police are investigating a shooting that sent two people to the hospital Thursday night.

Chattanooga Police Investigate Homicide on East 14th Street

Police identify the victim at Leslie Townsend.

Nelly Furtado Says Chattanooga Provided Inspiration for “Miracles” on “The Spirit Indestructible”

Singer Nelly Furtado just released her first English speaking album in six years. She says she ran out of things to say in English, but found inspiration in our backyard.

HealthSouth Chattanooga Discovers Rehabilitation Uses for Sports Training Device

Faster, smarter, Stronger. Today's athletes look for any edge they can get on the competition... and baseball players and Nascar drivers have found a new training device. It promises improved performance. But HealthSouth discovered another use for Dynavision's D-2.

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