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Covid-19 Resources for Spanish Speaking Communities

Local agencies have been hard at work since the coronavirus began to spread in Hamilton County but are Spanish speaking communities falling through the cracks?

Health Dept.: Two Die from COVID-19 in Hamilton Co.

The health department is reporting its first COVID-19 related deaths in Hamilton County.

Hamilton County Preparations for COVID-19 Outbreak

Local partners are collaborating on a constant basis, updating their emergency plans to fit the COVID-19 outbreak specifically.

Third child dies from flu this season in Hamilton County

According to the health department, a third child has died from the flu this season in Hamilton County.

Two Children Die from Flu this Season in Hamilton County

According to the health department, two children have died from the flu in Hamilton County during this flu season.

Hamilton County Regional Health Council Discusses Lead Abatement Efforts

"Should your lead concentration be over the 360 parts per million, we do need to clean up the property."

Health department encourages people to apply for community teaching garden grant

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department is encouraging people to apply for their community teaching garden grant.

Health experts warn about ticks

Health experts in Hamilton County are urging people to be aware of ticks.
Hamilton Countyvideo

Nurses explain symptoms of Hepatitis A

After an Ooltewah restaurant employee was diagnosed with Hepatitis A, nurses want to educate people about the virus.
Hamilton County

Ooltewah restaurant employee diagnosed with acute hepatitis A

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department confirms an employee at an Ooltewah restaurant was diagnosed with acute hepatitis A.

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