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Shed fire ends with neighbor’s roof on fire

A shed fire in Chattanooga ends with the roof of a neighbor's home on fire.

Chattanooga Firefighter Johnson is First Responder of the Month

Firefighter George Johnson Rushes into home and saves woman.

Chattanooga firefighters recount rescuing dog

Chattanooga Firefighters recount an unusual call they responded to last week.

Southern Energy Water & Air fire

Business is between I 24 & 23rd street.

Fire in Chattanooga displaces family

A fire in Chattanooga displaces a family of five.

Four Displaced in Chattanooga House Fire

Four people are displaced, after their home was damaged in a fire Sunday morning.

Chattanooga firefighters comfort girl after her mother’s medical emergency

A Chattanooga Firefighter comforts a young girl after her mother has a medical emergency.

Kitchen fire damages apartment

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) - The Chattanooga Fire Department was called to an apartment fire on West 38th Street around 2 P.M. Saturday afternoon. Firefighters say...

Firefighters battle garage fire

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) - Chattanooga firefighters worked to save a house from a garage fire today. The Chattanooga Fire Department was called to Cleveland Avenue...

Chattanooga Fire Department joins mutual aid service

Chattanooga firefighters are now apart of an emergency response service that allows them to give and receive help from other agencies.

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