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Weak legal case could still benefit Trump in Congress clash

WASHINGTON (AP) — For all President Donald Trump’s talk of winning, his lawyers are using a legal argument that many scholars say is a...

Dalton Police Seek Two People Wanted In Aggravated Assault Case

Dalton, Ga. (WDEF) - The Dalton Police Department is looking for 17-year old Jeremy Wayne Hall and 18-year old Susana Rodriguez. Both are wanted on...

Jury Reaches Verdict in Fentanyl Homicide Case

Jurors have now reached a verdict, after hearing strong testimony from both sides of the fentanyl homicide trial.

Final Statements are Made for the Woman on Trial for Toddler’s Death

Final arguments from both sides were made tonight, in the case of Jaqueline Escareno.

Hamilton County School Board Members Discuss Superintendent Smith’s Contract buy-out

A proposal for Superintendent Rick Smith was finally announced in a school board meeting this afternoon.

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