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Local book store offers readers unique access amid coronavirus pandemic

A Washington, D.C., bookstore has found a way to keep readers entertained while still being mindful of social distancing. From the outside, it looks...

Rita Hubbard’s Book Signing

Rita Hubbard paid a visit to Chattanooga today for a book signing and reading session for the community.

Rich Lit Crew program at DuPont Elementary encourages students to read

A Hamilton County elementary school is encouraging students to read by giving them books with characters just like them.

Will the GoT books end like the HBO series?

Anderson Cooper speaks with George R.R. Martin, the creator of "Game of Thrones" about the television show surpassing his book series. Below is a...
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JOE FRUGAL: Save 15% Off One Item at Barnes & Noble Through Memorial Day

If you're heading to the beach or pool this holiday weekend and plan to take a book with you, Barnes & Noble offers a deal.

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