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Church remembers Booker T. Scruggs

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) -- People came together at the St. Luke United Methodist Church in Chattanooga today to honor Booker T. Scruggs.

Celebrating Booker T. Scruggs II with a memorial concert for his 75th birthday

"We're hosting this event because we love Booker and miss him dearly”

Remembering Booker T. Scruggs

Booker T Scruggs meant a lot to the Chattanooga community. He passed away Monday. A talented musician, civil rights protester and television personality... He especially dedicated his...

Remembering Booker T Scruggs, II

He made his mark in Chattanooga on TV, on the bandstand, at UTC, and sitting down in the Civil Rights era.

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