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Lee asks state agencies to cut budgets by 12%

Gov. Bill Lee has asked all state agencies to find ways to slash their budgets by 12% and submit their new proposals by the end of June.

Tennessee to halt sharing COVID-19 patient data

Bradley County and Collegedale are some of the local agencies that are using the info.

Gov. Lee extends executive orders: Here is what it means

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) - Gov. Bill Lee extended and consolidated his Covid-19 executive orders to on Tuesday to last through the end of June. The...

New steps in Tennessee’s phased reopening

Gyms opening Friday, but salons will have to wait until the end of May

Governor’s Executive Order could allow Health Department to overrule Mayor Berke

But none of the parties involved in the decision have raised this as a possibility

Governor Lee Releases Guidelines for Reopening the State

Gov. Bill Lee issued the first steps in the state’s roll out of guidance and best practices for Tennessee businesses to keep employees and customers safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov. Lee has more on phased reopening in Tennessee

Still expect bans on gatherings of 10 or more and limitations on nursing home & hospital visits.

Tennessee Governor, Chattanooga Mayor discuss businesses reopening

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) - Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said on Monday that some businesses could start opening as soon as next Monday with the...

Governor Lee announces Safer At Home will end April 30th

businesses across the state will re-open on May First.

Governor closes Tennessee Schools for the rest of the year

"we expect kids all across the state not to go back to the classroom."

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