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Signal Centers Helps Visually Impaired

"'Why are you sitting in that wheel chair?'...and if the answer is because they can't see..then I show them how to walk without the wheel chair."

Senior Matters: Students teach adults about the digital world in Cyber Seniors

 "We learned a lot about commonalities that the older generation goes through ...going through gmail and what could be dangerous and what's safe."

Find a Super Senior for Senior Citizens Day

"we're going around recognizing many of the seniors that we work with and that's all over the country"

Dangers of falls for Seniors

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) - The number of Americans age 65 and older in 2018 was 52 million. Chances are some of those people are in your family...and...
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Senior Matters: 97 year old Paul George

He uses a walker these days, but at the age of 97 Paul George doesn't let that stop him from working the desk at the B-X several days a week.
Mike Cross Weightliftervideo

Weightlifter Looks Back on 40-plus Years of Competition

At the age of 71, Mike Cross of Ooltewah looks back upon a career in lifting weights. It includes 8 national titles, 140 First Place Awards and a world record from 1994 that still stands.
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Charlie Neal overcomes odds for a lifetime as a concept bike builder

Charlie Neal, better know as Charlie Brown to car show fans has overcomes the odds, to live life as an award winning concept bike builder.
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Senior Matters: The Perfect Santa Claus is a Vietnam Veteran

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) - Most of the veterans of the Vietnam War are retired now. For many, that was a long time ago, and...
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Senior Matters: The most decorated veteran in Chattanooga

Bill Mitchell talks to Charles Coolidge for this month's Senior Matters.
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Senior Matters: Pet Therapy

How dogs are making the lives of seniors better.

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