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“Mom to Mom” is a fun weekly segment of practical parenting tips geared toward moms of all lifestyles. Whether you work outside or inside the home, moms face the same day to day trials when it comes to raising kids. “Mom to Mom” covers a variety of topics that all moms face such as easy cooking ideas, a pediatricians view on everyday issues, household rules, and tips that Sarah uses in her home for her own two kids.

Sarah Pannell - Mom to Mom Host
ABOUT THE HOST: Sarah Pannell

She is a working mom of two and her husband of 14 years is an elementary school principal.  Her eight-year-old daughter loves drawing, reading and softball while her six-year-old son loves swimming, soccer and pushing the limits!  When Sarah isn’t juggling work and kids, she loves exercising, relaxing by the pool, traveling to new places and attending church.

Her favorite saying… “Being a mom is the hardest job you will ever love.”


Mom To Mom – Finding for the Best Shoe for Your Kids

Podiatrist Dr. Carter has these tips on what and how we should look and buy for kids' shoes as they get ready to go back to school.
Morning Stretchesvideo

Mom to Mom – Do Morning Stretches To Start Your Day Off Right

Morning is the most important time of the day, and I have found if I wake up and do these four stretches, it makes a world of difference in how I feel throughout the day.
Arm workoutsvideo

Mom To Mom – Five Minute Workout to Tone Your Arms

If you're a working mom, it is impossible to get that time to yourself so here's a great five minute workout to tone your arms.
Shrimp Boiled Packetsvideo

Mom To Mom – Easy to Fix Shrimp Boiled Packets for 4th of July

We've got a beautiful 4th of July recipe that the kiddos can get it involved in as well. You can make all the components and let them kind of assemble their own sort of shrimp boiled packets.
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