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Food City and News 12 want to reward the teachers who are going above and beyond the standard teaching methods. An area teacher will be selected to receive the Golden Apple Award and profiled every Tuesday on News 12 at 6pm. These winners will be selected from your nominations by a panel of judges. At the end of the school year, a Teacher of the Year will be chosen from the year’s winners.

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Past Recipients:

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Meet the 2018-2019 Golden Apple Recipients:


Golden Apple: Zack Vice

A Howard High School teacher is giving his students real life experience that they can use when they graduate. That's earned him a Golden Apple Award.

Golden Apple: Arianna Gladney

A Brainerd High School teacher serves as a role model for her kids, and works hard to motivate them. That's earned her a Golden Apple Award.
Hixson Elementaryvideo

Hixson Elementary teacher Julia Warren wins Golden Apple Award

Teaching was a second career for this fantastic teacher.

Golden Apple: Mary Retchko

A Dalewood Middle School teacher is passionate about teaching, and wants to see her students succeed. That's earned her a Golden Apple Award.
Golden Apple Awardvideo

Sports Medicine teacher at Hixson wins our Golden Apple Award

Bethany White teaches at Hixson High.
Rossville Elementaryvideo

Rossville Elementary teacher Melanie Carter wins Golden Apple Award

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) - Melanie Carter is passionate about teaching. But that passion doesn't stop when she leaves work. She spends plenty of her own time...

Golden Apple: Alexis Nix

A Lakeside Academy teacher loves watching her students succeed, and that's earned her a Golden Apple Award.

Greg Kubisak of the STEM School Chattanooga wins our Golden Apple Award

Greg Kubisak teaches English at a STEM school.
Gilbert Elementary teachervideo

Gilbert Elementary teacher wins our Golden Apple award

She teaches 3rd grade at the LaFayette school.

Golden Apple: Cherri Schrick

A Woodmore Elementary school teacher inspires her students to do great work, and that's earned her a Golden Apple Award.

Golden Apple: Erica Kelley

An Orchard Knob Middle School teacher is helping her kids understand history, and how they can make a difference in the world. That's earned her a Golden Apple Award.

Golden Apple: Kali O’Neal

An East Ridge Elementary school teacher wants to make sure her special needs students succeed. Her passion for her job has earned her this week's Golden Apple Award.

Golden Apple: Tiffany Welch

Tiffany Welch loves seeing her students learn and grow, and that has earned her a Golden Apple Award.

Golden Apple: Sally White

A Central High school teacher brings the arts alive in the Theater Department, earning her a Golden Apple award.

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