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Home schooling during the Coronavirus pandemic

Students, parents and teachers are trying to do the best they can while learning from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Skyuka Hall online learning

As teachers prepare online lesson plans, one school is doing its part to help kids who might need some extra attention.

Orchard Knob Elementary food distribution

One elementary school is making sure kids don't go hungry while they are out of school during the coronavirus pandemic.

Young Authors

Some young authors are showing off their writing skills, and now have their own published books.
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Harrison Bay Future Ready Center

Students at Harrison Bay Future Ready Center are learning skills that can help them land a job when they graduate.

Howard students stage play to re-create lunch counter sit-ins

Students at the Howard School re-created the lunch counter sit-ins of the 1960's, and some of the people watching their play actually took part in them.

Recreating the Howard Sit-Ins

Howard School students are learning about the civil rights era in a demonstration that they won't soon forget.

Bessie Smith art contest

Kids in our area are showing off their art skills, and learning about Chattanooga native Bessie Smith.

Wolftever Creek Elementary

A makeover at one elementary school could help the students socially, and physically.

Howard Art contest

A Howard School student is using her artistic skills to send a message about the problem of littering.

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