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former astronaut speaks to Collegedale Academyvideo

Collegedale Academy meets a Shuttle astronaut

Former shuttle astronaut Don Thomas shares a lesson on science with students.

Kids & Electric Cars in What’s Right With Our Schools

"The electric car is a big after-school program we've been focusing on."

What’s Right With Our Schools: Fixing broken Chromebooks

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) In this week's edition of What's Right With Our Schools, we look at the cost of keeping our kids in technology. The Hamilton...

Whitwell Middle School Paper Clips

Whitwell Middle School has found a unique way to teach students about different cultures.

McDonald’s All American Girls Team

2 young ladies have been selected from the same school to play for the McDonald's All American Girls Basketball team.

Cleveland Middle School Chromebooks

Students at Cleveland Middle school now have Chromebook laptops to help them with their education.

Howard Literacy Program

Officials and supporters of the Howard School are working on a program to boost literacy skills.

Your Skills, Your Future

A program in Bradley County is helping students from 3 High Schools train for their future careers.

Bess T. Shepherd Elementary

Kids at Bess T. Shepherd Elementary have a new tool to get creative, and design things.

Family Fitness Night at Battlefield Primary

Students at Battlefield Primary are getting in shape for the month of February.

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