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Weather Update: Wednesday’s Forecast – June 20, 2018

Tennessee Valley (WDEF) – Cooling showers and storms later on the way for the end of the week. High pressure will slowly weaken over the next...

Pastor searches for owner of wedding dress lost in tornado

(CBS News) - After a tornado ravaged his church, one pastor from Greensboro, North Carolina, is not dwelling on what he lost but, rather, what he found.

Three things you need to know to prepare for severe weather

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) -- When severe weather strikes, you need to keep three things in mind. First, have multiple ways to get up-to-the-minute alerts on...
Drivers join teamsters

Severe storms possible late Monday

TENNESSEE VALLEY (WDEF) -- With the potential for severe weather in the area on Monday, some school districts are adjusting their plans for the...

Why did the Blizzard of 93 take so many by surprise?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) - If you talk to people who were here during the Blizzard of 93, some will tell you that there was no...

Deaths reported in severe weather in Kentucky, officials say

LOGAN COUNTY, Ky. (CBS) - 3 People are reported to have died in recent weather outbreak in Kentucky. Two people have been reported dead Saturday...

Whitfield Emergency Management passing out free weather radios to residents

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) - Whitfield County received a grant from Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security to purchase and distribute 600 NOAA Weather...

Indiana county records 4 deaths in 48 hours from moving snow

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A county near Chicago has recorded four deaths related to moving snow in the 48 hours following a major winter storm.

Crews brine roads in anticipation of snow

Crews spent the day putting brine on the roads in preparation for a snowstorm.

Road crews prepare for potential icy weather

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) -- With the threat of icy weather possible early Monday morning, road crews were out on Sunday getting the area ready. Winter...

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