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Obama tears up remembering Beau Biden

President Obama delivers a eulogy for Vice President Joe Biden's son Beau Biden who died from brain cancer at age 46.

ISIS releases new video in English

ISIS released a new video in perfect English, trying to recruit new members in the U.S.

Woman Says Former Speaker Hastert Abused Her Brother in High School

Details death bed confession from her brother

Eulogize Yourself Hologram Funeral

Imagine attending your own funeral or saying your final goodbyes after you're gone. Kathleen Walter introduces us to a West Palm Beach businessman who's bringing Star-Wars like technology to South Florida that's making it possible.

Federal employees hacked

Officials say the Chinese government may be behind the biggest breach ever of U.S. government computer networks.

John Kerry airlifted to hospital after bike accident

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, after a cycling accident. CNN's Nic Robertson has more.

Martin O’Malley announce presidential run

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley announces that he is running for President in Baltimore.

Police body cam video shows arrest of pregnant woman

Police video shows the arrest of a woman who is 8 months pregnant for refusing to give her full name to police after an argument in a parking lot.

‘God’s Not Finished With Me Yet,’ Trooper Shares Remarkable Survival Story

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper is sharing his remarkable story of survival. Trooper Gary Sanders was critically injured in an accident back in March.

The U.S. Case Against FIFA in International Soccer Scandal

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says U.S. is cleaning up 24 years of bribery

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