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Dog Flu Strain More Complex Than Originally Thought

The dog flu epidemic in the Chicago area that has sickened over 1,000 dogs and is responsible for the death of at least six, is caused by a strain of the virus never seen before in North America. This means the current vaccine might not provide protection.

SC police shooting: Passenger speaks

"I'll never know why he ran, but I know he didn't deserve to die."

NC College Shooting Suspect Found Sleeping on Daytona Beach

Suspected for shooting print shop director at community college on Monday

Reserve deputy charged in fatal Tulsa shooting

The Tulsa reserve deputy who says he meant to fire his stun gun instead of his hand gun has now been charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Two shot dead after accident kills toddler

A toddler is struck and killed by a car, and minutes later the driver and a teenager are shot dead.

Firefighter Saves Man’s Life on School Field Trip

A suburban Chicago firefighter was chaperoning a field trip for his daughter's school when another parent went into cardiac arrest.

Man rescues woman, who was tied up and held captive

Man found a kidnap victim trying to get away. She was tied up and half naked. He went to help her.

Brothers rescue newborn baby from dumpster

The woman believed to have abandoned baby has turned herself in.

Inspiring Basketball Player Lauren Hill Dies of Cancer

She played on despite inoperable brain cancer

South Carolina fatal police shooting dash cam video

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division released dash cam footage related to the shooting of Walter Scott.

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