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Chattanooga City Council’s First Ever Zoom Teleconference

“Mr. Chair somebody in our chatt, they’re being real disrespectful. Yeah I’m working on it council woman", A teleconference between Chattanooga’s city council men and women Tuesday evening, disrupted by racial slurs in the comment section on Zoom.

The SimCenter is offering computer resources for COVID-19 solutions

"We're a think tank that brings together the right resources."

TECH BYTE: Use Smartphone Apps for Food Delivery

Let's look at some smartphone apps that can help you get food delivered.

TECH BYTE: Tech to Help You Work from Home More Efficiently

Let's look at a few apps that will make this kind of "home work" a bit easier on you.

Google launches highly-anticipated coronavirus website

After a week of speculation, Google announced Saturday morning the launch of an educational website on coronavirus in the United States. The site focuses on...

Google’s coronavirus screening website leads to 130 tests in first 4 days

A website developed by a subsidiary of Google's parent company has screened 12,000 people for coronavirus since it launched Sunday night, ultimately leading to...
Minecraft game background, Photo Date: December 16, 2013

World Video Game Hall of Fame announces 2020 finalists

Twelve more video games were named Thursday as finalists for the World Video Game Hall of Fame.
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Zoos are live-streaming animals to ease coronavirus isolation

As schools, restaurants, stores, entertainment venues and other public spaces close to prevent the spread of coronavirus, zoos and aquariums are no exception —...

TECH BYTE: Machine Takes More In-Depth Eye Screenings

Let's look at one machine that's making your trip to the eye doctor less daunting.

TECH BYTE: Use Tech to Help Improve Your Posture

Let's see how UPRIGHT GO works.

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