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TECH BYTE: Products to Help You Save Energy This Summer

Let's look at some tech items that can help you save on your electric bill.

8chan struggles to get back online

Hours after a web security and network provider cut off 8chan, a controversial far-right online forum linked to white supremacy, the website's new provider...

TECH BYTE: Hot Items You Need for School

Let's look at some of the hot tech items you'll want on your shopping list this year.

FCC passes new rules against “spoof” robocalls

There's a big new push to crack down on annoying robocalls from overseas, calls that may be using your own number. The Federal Communications...

TECH BYTE: How to Deal with Robocalls

Let's look at ways you can deal with those annoying robocalls.

TECH BYTE: Tips for Protecting, Fixing Your Tech Products

Let's look at your options for fixing broken tech products.

Warnings that the viral FACEAPP photos are going to a Russian company

" It's kinda scary because everyone thinks like oh, it's on my phone no one will every really see it it's just for me."

#FaceAppChallenge raises privacy concerns

Drake, Kevin Hart, LeBron James, the "Stranger Things" cast, and just about everyone else seems to be posting artificially-aged selfies on social media in...

TECH BYTE: Durable Tech to Use Outdoors

Let's check out some tech you can use out on your next vacation.

Google Assistant’s human workers listen to customer recordings

Google contractors regularly listen to and review some recordings of what customers say to artificial-intelligence system Google Assistant, via their phone or through smart...

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