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Coronavirus misinformation spreads on Facebook

On Facebook, misinformation about the coronavirus that has killed more than 100 people in China continues to spread worldwide despite efforts and pledges by...

TECH BYTE: Where to Stream the Super Bowl

Let's look at how you can watch the Super Bowl without cable.

TECH BYTE: Workout App Helps with New Year’s Fitness

Let's look at one smartphone app that's supposed to help you meet your fitness goals.

Microsoft plans to erase its entire carbon footprint since 1975

Microsoft is planning to become "carbon negative" by 2030, eventually removing more carbon from the environment than it emits. The company will also reduce...

Project Voice brings minds together to pitch the future of voice technology

"You just say what you want and the car figures out what to do."

NSA identifies “critical vulnerability” in Microsoft Windows 10

Washington — The National Security Agency disclosed Tuesday that it has identified a "critical vulnerability" in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system – but that...

TECH BYTE: Tech of the Future on Display at CES

Let's look at some of the more interesting tech products from this year's conference.

TECH BYTE: Workout Equipment For Your Home

Let's look at some new high tech workout equipment that can help you accomplish your fitness goals right from home.

TECH BYTE: Safely Setting Up Your Devices

Let's look at ways to keep your personal information safe from hackers after you set up these new devices.

TECH BYTE: Avoid Germs With UTouch

Let's look at a new tech product that can help keep you from getting sick.

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