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2 arrests for body found by Meigs County bus driver

They have charged Clifford Howard with the murder, and the victim's ex-wife, Stacy Miller for helping him.

TBI identifies body found in Meigs County by school bus driver

DECATUR, Tennessee (WDEF) - The TBI is releasing the identity of the man who was discovered Wednesday on the side of the rode in...

UPDATE: Rhea County Captures Burglary Suspect

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF)- According to Rhea County Sheriff Mike Neal, around noon, the Rhea County Sheriff's Department was notified of a possible burglary in process...
Meigs County, Tennessee

Meigs County church goes up in flames

Sanctuary in flames at Peakland Baptist Church on Highway 68 near Akeman Crossroad.

Residents hold meeting to discuss possible vegetation legislation

DECATUR, Tenn. (WDEF) - Residents met Thursday evening to discuss possible ramifications of vegetation legislation. Zach Andrews has co-owned Cottonport Marina since 2012. Like most...
Decatur, Tennessee

Arrest made in Meigs County murder

41-year old Randall Burnette faces a charge of Second Degree Murder.

Neighbors concerned after a man was found dead in Decatur

DECATUR, Tenn. (WDEF) - Some neighbors are concerned after a man was found dead at a residence in Decatur. Saturday night authorities responded to a...
Meigs County, Tennesseevideo

Engineers Inspecting Watts Bar Nuclear Plant after Earthquake

Engineers are inspecting the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Tennessee as a precaution after a magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck nearby.
Meigs County

Runaway investigation leads to sexual exploitation sting

Meigs County investigators arrest a Bradley County man.

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