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Chattanooga shuts down Budget Motel in Lookout Valley

"There's like 14 people here with no where to go."

Dade corrections officer undergoes surgery after run in with inmate

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) - A Dade County Detention Officer was hurt yesterday while trying to control a combative inmate. During the struggle with the inmate, detention...

Earnhardt takes weekend off after plane crash near Bristol

Earnhardt was with wife Amy, 15-month-old daughter Isla, a dog and two pilots.

Hometown Tours Georgia: Chickamauga Battlefield

FORT OGELTHORPE, Georgia (WDEF) - One hundred and 55 years ago, the battle for Chattanooga began in Chickamauga. This was the second deadliest battles fought during...

TNReady assessment results show improved growth scores

TNReady assessment results released by the Education Commissioner indicate students across the state are performing better in almost all math subjects.

Neighbors Discuss Tannerite Explosions and Home Damage

"He said, 'Is the, are we, is the Vietnam war going on? Are we still in the war?' So, you know, he had flashbacks . . ."

Daniel Chandler found not guilty of killing his wife

Daniel Chandler was charged with first degree murder for the death of 26 year old Samantha Chandler.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn fact finding on healthcare in Chattanooga

he is on a statewide tour of medical facilities.

Chattanooga condemns Budget Motel in Lookout Valley

city inspectors found electrical violations, fire violations, and overcrowding in the motel rooms

Dapper Dalton dog in top ten of major makeover contest

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) - Griffin looked quite different around five years ago when he set paws into the Humane Society of Northwest Georgia. "In particular...

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