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Stephanie Davis’ Class Learning Through Fun, While Striving to be Perfectly Purple

Stephanie Davis finds teaching moments in everything, even mundane activities. When students walk to their seats, they move to syllables. The Calhoun Elementary first grade teacher commands her classroom.

Michael Sheets Found a Love for Teaching While Parenting

If Michael Sheets had never become a dad, he might not be teaching today at Snow Hill Elementary. This father of two found a love for teaching only a few years ago. His style leads to learning, sometime without students knowing it.

Debbie Kuttig Puts Her Students In the Story

Students say Debbie Kuttig gets their creative minds moving. She challenges students to learn new words through fill-in-the-blank sentences, and helps them insert themselves in the stories they read about.

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Joel Brown Lets Students Decide How They Want To Learn

He considers himself part teacher, part parent, part mentor and part social worker. But Joel Brown doesn't mind. He got into teaching to do something that matters.

Josh Yother Teaches to Give All Students an Equal Opportunity to Succeed

Josh Yother never thought he'd be a teacher. But when he witnessed the impact someone who cares about kids can have in their development, he knew he had to get involved.

You Might Call Hayley Cranford an Education Innovator

When Hayley Cranford leaves East Ridge Elementary at the end of the school day, she heads home to research future classroom assignments. Cranford regularly invents ways to get her students invested in their learning.
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Daphne Shilling Sneaks Teachable Moments Into Her Classroom Activities

Daphne Shilling believes in being animated in the classroom. Students at Alpine Crest Elementary love her silly side and they respond by learning faster.

Joe Bryan Teaches Skills Needed to Find Work in the Wired World

Coming from the business world, Joe Bryan knows what employers want from potential hires. That's why his classroom assignments are geared toward grooming students for jobs.

Sgt. 1st Class Stephen Lewis Motivates Young People to be Better Citizens

Sgt. 1st Class Stephen Lewis nearly retired at the end of last school year. He left a successful JROTC program at Sale Creek High, only to be called back into service at Sequoyah High. His commitment to motivating young people to be better citizens makes him this weeks Golden Apple Award Winner.

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