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JOE FRUGAL: Half Prices Drinks from 2pm to 5pm at McDonalds

McDonalds offers up half price on some drinks now between the hours of 2pm and 5pm.

Man Says Police Wrongly Raided His Home

A Chattanooga man says his home was raided and ransacked by police, then condemned by the city. And the man they were looking for hasn't even lived there for six years. Now he's without a place to live and he wants some answers.

Megan Wise Goes Outside: Ziplining

Megan debuts her new outdoor adventure series by going Ziplining on the Ocoee at Wilderness Ocoee.

East TN Universities and Medical Pros On Alert Over Chikungunya Virus

Medical Professionals and College campuses in East Tennessee are on alert as students, sports teams and vacationers are either on their way or coming back from Chikungunya affected countries.

School Principals talk about success to business leaders

Several Hamilton County School representatives got the opportunity to proudly talk about their success during their school year.

Controversial Doughnut Mural Sparks Debate

A controversial mural in downtown Chattanooga has people talking. It features nothing but frosted doughnuts, but the city says it's illegal. WDEF News 12's Alisha Searl gets down to the bottom of this issue to find out who's right and who's wrong.

Hamilton County Commissioners Pass Budget

Hamilton County Commissioners passed a new budget this morning, without a tax increase.
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JOE FRUGAL: Get a $10 off $30 Coupon at Kmart for Sharing Through eGifter

eGifter.com offers a great K-mart coupon.

Wuxi China Sister City Delegation

Visitors from Chattanooga's sister city in China spoke to the city council.

City Workers Want Bigger Pay Raise

City Workers asked city council for a larger pay raise.

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