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Karen Elliott of Soddy Elementary wins Golden Apple Award

Reaching every student in your classroom isn't always easy...But one Hamilton County teacher wouldn't let anyone slip through the cracks.

Red Bank Middle’s Richard Pokorny teaches kids to find the answers

Sometimes knowing how to find the answer is more important than the answer itself... At Red Bank Middle School there's a sixth grade science teacher who's empowering his kids, to figure it out.

Marilyn Highlander prepares her kids for the next level

Kids have a lot of learning to do before they leave grammar school and at Snow Hill Elementary a special teacher is getting them ready.

Freida Wagenblast gives her kids tools for success in life

Sometimes the lessons you learn in school stick with you for life. At Birchwood Elementary one literacy teacher is prepping her kids to be life long communicators and problem solvers.

Hamilton County art teacher Betsy McClain wins Golden Apple Award

At Signal Mountain Middle High Betsy McClain is helping her kids find hidden talent.

Walker County School’s Brandon Larson teaches kids to make their world better

Some teachers hand out the lesson and go about their day... Others inspire their students to change the world. At Rossville Middle School a group of 7th graders are learning to make a difference...

Brainerd High’s Erin Schroeder helps kids fall in love with the written word

Teachers are often recognized for the work they do during school hours... But sometimes it's the extra curriculars that really make the difference.

Boyd Buchanan’s Jennifer Greer helps spread the sunshine

Kids deal with a lot these days... But thanks to a special counselor kids at Boyd Buchanan Elementary are learning to cope.

Dade Elementary’s Susan Rose is Golden Apple worthy

Being a teacher is about more than reading, writing & arithmetic... It's about caring for the whole child. That's the philosophy in Susan Rose's 3rd grade.

East Brainerd Elementary’s Jody Conn uses life experience in the classroom

Good teachers don't just help us learn, they help us understand the world around us. Students at one Hamilton County School say one educator teaches lessons for life.

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