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Hooked On Science – Make a Ring Out of Chips In a Can

How about a science experiment you can eat? Here's how to make a ring out of chips from a can plus sneak in a couple tasty bites for yourself.

Hooked On Science – Balance a Bunch of Nails on One

It’s a trick, with 20 gigantic nails, you can use science to balance them all on one nail. Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, shows us the science behind the trick.

Hooked On Science – Launch a Balloon Rocket In your Kitchen

Did you know you can launch a rocket in your kitchen? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, shows us how by using a few ingredients from around the house.

Hooked On Science – Bouncing Bubble

Can you touch a bubble without it popping? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, says you can. All you need is a special glove.

Hooked On Science – Soaring Fireworks

Fireworks are fun, but they can be dangerous. Jason Lindsey, aka "Mr. Science," with Hooked On Science shows us how to safely launch fireworks by using a few ingredients from around the house.

Hooked On Science – Floating Tea Bag

You might use a tea bag to brew up a batch of hot tea. Not our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, he uses science to make a tea bag float in the air.

Hooked On Science – Create a Colorful Disc Using a Coffee Filter

You might use a coffee filter while brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Not our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, he shows us how to turn a coffee filter into a colorful creation.

Hooked On Science – Use the Sun to Pop a Balloon Inside Another Balloon

Just by using the power of the sun you can pop a balloon inside of another balloon. Here's how.

Hooked On Science – Sand That’s Scared of the Water

Sand that’s scared of water sounds pretty strange but you can actually make some! Here's how to make a batch of hydrophobic sand.

Hooked On Science – Fireproof Balloon

Hold a fire to a balloon and it will pop, right? Science says not so fast. Find out how to keep a balloon from popping.

Hooked On Science – Disappearing Ink

Ever wish you could make the words, you just wrote, disappear? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, says you can, with a special pen.

Hooked On Science – Levitating Ping Pong Ball

Defy gravity with just a straw.



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