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Monday, January 18, 2021
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Hooked On Science – Dissolve a Snowman with Nail Polish Remover

You may use it to get rid of the fingernail polish on your fingernails. Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, uses acetone to dissolve snowmen.

Hooked On Science – Hot Ice

You are not going to believe what you can do with a reusable hand warmer. Watch as our "science guy," Jason Lindsey, turns one into a hot ice sculpture.

Hooked On Science – Why You Need To Keep Your Christmas Tree Watered

Watch the video to see why it's important to keep your Christmas tree watered.

Hooked On Science – How Santa Can Fit Down A Chimney

Ever wonder how Santa gets down the chimney? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, shows us the science behind the magic.

Hooked On Science – Watch Foam Ooze From a Christmas Tree

Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, mixes together two mystery ingredients to create a foamy Christmas tree.

Hooked On Science – Use An Orange to Pop a Balloon

Oranges are sharp, right? According to our “Science Guy,” you can use an orange to pop a balloon. Here’s how!

Hooked On Science – Launch Ping Pong Balls with a Turkey Baster

Jason Lindsey shows us how to turn a turkey baster into a ping pong ball launcher.

Hooked On Science – Balance a Spoon and Fork on Your Dinner Glass

You may use them to eat with, but did you know you can do a pretty cool science experiment with your spoon and fork?

Hooked On Science – Pull the Tablecloth Out from The Thanksgiving Feast

Have you ever pulled the tablecloth from underneath the Thanksgiving feast? “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, can and so can you, he shows us the science behind the trick.

Hooked On Science – Use a Cup to Make Turkey Sounds

Did you know there’s a turkey in your cup? Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, shows us how to make a cup talk turkey.

Hooked On Science – Make a Broom Stand By Itself

You’re not going to believe what you can do with your broom. It’s a spooky science experiment you are going to have to try. Our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey, shows us the science behind the standing broom.

Hooked On Science – Make a Pumpkin Float in the Air

Did you know, you can make a pumpkin float in the air? Here's how by using a hair dryer.


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