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Health Fair Saturday – 300 People Picked to Participate in My Best Me 2.0

"Lower your body weight and you can fix a lot of the symptoms that we struggle with today, from depression to blood pressure, to diabetes."

House passes bill to lower prescription drug costs

Sharpening their 2020 election message, House Democrats on Thursday pushed through legislation that would empower Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and offer new...

Dramatic drop in abortion providers as states target clinics

Nearly a third of all independent abortion providers have either closed or stopped providing the procedure in the past five years, according to a...

E. coli outbreak linked to chopped salad kits

Salinas, California — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning of a new E. coli outbreak linked to Salinas, California, where...

Flu Season Arrives Early

Erlanger Hospital reported a significant spike in flu like illness during the first week in December compared to last year.

A Samoan father loses 3 of his 5 children to the measles outbreak

Apia, Samoa — Doctors on the South Pacific islands of Samoa are trying to contain a massive, deadly outbreak of the measles. The virus has...

Erlanger reports spike in flu-like illness

So far, we've seen a 61% increase from the same period last year.

White Castle recalls frozen burgers over listeria fears

White Castle is recalling some of its frozen burgers due to possible listeria contamination after finding the bacteria in one of its manufacturing plants. The...

Planned Parenthood spends $1 million to save Title X

With time running out, Planned Parenthood plans to debut a $1 million advertising blitz on Sunday in hopes of regaining about $60 million in...

Chipotle has nurses to ensure workers are sick, not hungover

Chipotle Mexican Grill has health professionals on hand to diagnose workers calling in sick as truly ill, and not just taking a paid day...

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