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Students Call An “Audible” On Traditional Books

Students in Hamilton County are getting a little extra help with their reading.

FedEx Warns About A National Scam “Don’t Click The Link”

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) -- Don't click the link! That's what FedEx is telling consumers who have been receiving texts and e-mails with a bogus tracking...

Hamilton County Corrections seeing more job openings than normal, holding job fair

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) - The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office wants to hire corrections officers. And, they're taking a different approach at recruiting by having...

Police arrest two people accused of stealing the Chattahooligan’s trailer.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) - Chattanooga police have arrested the two people accused of stealing the Chattahooligan's trailer. Police have arrested 28 year old, Aaron Chippoletti...

One person killed in northern Hamilton County crash

Another victim suffered serious injuries

Hamilton County arrests driver after chase

Officers say the fleeing vehicle then hit another one at the Lee Highway intersection.

Pickup driver killed on Middle Valley Road

Pickup rolled into the woods.

Hundreds gather at Miller Park to march in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King...

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) -Hundreds gathered at Miller Park for the last day of Martin Luther King's Celebration week in the city of Chattanooga. "Keep bringing...

Southern Students hold clothing Street Store for Martin Luther King Day

"it is important... for us as students to realize that there are really important causes that deserve our attention."

One Of Hamilton County’s Top 12 Most Wanted Arrested

HIXSON, Tennessee (WDEF)- The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office captured Jonathan Michael Davis today. Davis was on Hamilton County's Top 12 Most Wanted list. Davis was found...

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