Grundy County

More than $500,000 in Marijuana Plants Found in Gruetli-Laager

Grundy County Sheriff's deputies find a large marijuana farm Wednesday.

EPB Considers Plan to Take Gigabit Service To Rural S.E. Tennessee

Current State Law Ties EPB Fiber Optics to Electric Service Area

Fireworks Shows For 2014

Public shows running Thursday Thru Sunday

Two Local Suspects Make The TBI Most Wanted List

A Chattanooga murder suspect and a Grundy County suspect wanted for rape of a child.

Holly Bryan Teaches Students They Can at Pelham Elementary

Holly Bryan likens her class to the book "The Little Engine That Could." While she hasn't banned the word "can't" from her classroom, she rarely ever allows its use.

Golden Apple: Donna Kerstetter Pushes Her Students to Stay on Course

Parents entrust her with their children over 7 hours every day, and Donna Kerstetter believes she needs to make the best of that time. The Certified Reading Specialist teaches six different subjects every day.

Golden Apple: Teresa Shrum Keeps Her Class Energized

Many teachers like their students to remain quiet and raise their hands before answering. But at Swiss Memorial Elementary in Gruetli-Laager, you can hear students in Teresa Shrum's class all the way down the hall. And that's a good thing.

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