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Neighbors Discuss Tannerite Explosions and Home Damage

"He said, 'Is the, are we, is the Vietnam war going on? Are we still in the war?' So, you know, he had flashbacks . . ."

Sen. Marsha Blackburn fact finding on healthcare in Chattanooga

he is on a statewide tour of medical facilities.

Israel bars 2 Democratic congresswomen from entry

The Israeli government said Thursday it would bar two Democratic congresswomen who support the Palestinian-led boycott movement from entering the country, a move that...

River City Company Responds to Lawsuit Seeking to Halt the Business Improvement District

Paty says "private taxation" and spending authority - and lack of public accountability, are his main concerns.
Mental health services grantvideo

Hamilton County Commission Finally Votes to Approve 2020 Budget

But after more discussion, it appears teachers are getting more money in the revised budget..along with a one time 1500 dollar bonus.

Senate stalls background check bill passed by House

The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton have brought a new wave of attention to a gun control bill that was passed by...

Trump sues over California requirement that he release tax returns

Trump suing to block release of N.Y. state tax returns President Trump and his campaign have filed a lawsuit against top California officials over a...

Mitch McConnell recovering from fractured shoulder

A spokesman for Mitch McConnell said the Senate majority leader tripped outside his home in Kentucky early Sunday and suffered a shoulder fracture. David...

China warns of retaliation for Trump’s planned tariff hike

China threatened retaliation if U.S. President Donald Trump's planned tariff hikes move forward, while the renewed acrimony between the two biggest global economies sent...

Will Hurd, vulnerable Texas Republican, won’t seek reelection

Texas Rep. Will Hurd, the sole black Republican lawmaker in the House and one of the few elected officials in the party to openly...

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