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Dalton, Georgia

Watch George H.W. Bush campaigning in Chattanooga & Dalton

See how President George H.W. Bush looked and sounded at a couple of campaign stops in our area in 1992.

Do you remember these Toy Crazes from the past?

How many of these toys did you get, or stand in line to buy for your kids? (Plus a bonus video of Luther & the Cabbage Patch Kid)

News 12 Then: Looking at the History of Chattanooga’s First TV Station

Let's take a look back at the history of our station, which has been a longtime staple here in the Scenic City.

News 12 Then: Presidential Visits to Chattanooga

Visits from the past from Barack Obama, both George Bush's, Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt.

News 12 Then: Donald Trump’s last big visit to our area

We look back into our archives for when Donald Trump attended a Northwest Whitfield football game.
From The Archivesvideo

News 12 Then: The UT Pride of the Southland Band

The history of traditions surrounding the Pride of the Southland Band in this story from 1983.

News 12 Then: Student confessions of 1993

Watch a story that we aired in 1993 on student issues like cheating and drinking.

News 12 Then: The mall wars of the 1980s

In 1988, we checked in to see how rival malls were fairing a year after Hamilton Place opened.

News 12 Then: Remembering the first version of the Scopes Trial play

Watch an early version of the play at the Rhea County courthouse where the Scopes Trial took place.
worm meat rumorvideo

News 12 Then: The Worm Burger Rumor of 1978

This story from the summer of 1978 tackles the rumor going around that

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