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Cold Case unit asks for help with 2016 double murder

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) - Cold Case investigators have uncovered new information in a double murder from more than four years ago. A five year old was...

News 12 Then: 1990 Cheering the Troops

Chattanoogans rally at interstate overpasses to cheer troops headed to the Persian Gulf

News 12 Then: The Scopes Trial in Dayton

DAYTON, Tennessee (WDEF) - There won't be any big celebration this year, but this is the 95th anniversary of the Scopes Monkey Trial. During this...

News 12 Then: The last Easter weekend tornado in 1997

Watch our special report on the 1997 March 29th tornado that hit the same areas of East Brainerd

News 12 Then: Our Swine Flu Germ Quiz from 2010

"Realize.. these are really significant potential problems."

News 12 Then: High end car stereos in 1990

This story originally aired on WDEF TV in March of 1990.

News 12 Then: Harold Wayne Nichols testifies in 1990

Watch our story from 1990 when Harold Wayne Nichols took the stand

Former lawmaker known for ‘Copeland Cap’ dead at 88

See our story from 1978, the year he passed "The Copeland Cap" that has forced politicians to balance Tennessee's budget ever since.

News 12 Then: College student likes & don’t likes from 1994

This story from the UTC campus ran during Spring Break of 1994.

News 12 Then: Hairstyles of the 90s

An Atlanta stylist gives us a demonstration of the changing hair in 1991 From The Archives.

News 12 Then: The Holiday season of 1988

Stories from Christmas trees to Christmas parties and hot toys, plus dreaming of a White Christmas 30 years ago.

Watch George H.W. Bush campaigning in Chattanooga & Dalton

See how President George H.W. Bush looked and sounded at a couple of campaign stops in our area in 1992.



Marion County Animal Shelter Asks Woman $900 To Retrieve Dog

MARION COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) - Ashley Moffitt had been looking for her dog, Jax, for weeks. She had just about given up hope when...

Weather Update: Thursday Night’s Forecast – January 21st, 2021

Tennessee Valley (WDEF): After Friday Morning Clouds and Fog, Some Brighter Times For Awhile! Expect lingering clouds with some areas of fog and drizzle.  Overnight...

Chain Reaction Fire on Lee Highway

An early morning traffic accident led to an auto repair business and numerous cars to erupt in flames.

President Biden signs over 10 executive orders during his first 24 hours

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- President Biden wasted no time signing multiple executive orders during his first full day in office. First on the list, tackling the...