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Winterize your wheels: Ways to stay safe on the road

Winter’s not coming: It’s here. That means extra-chilly weather, as well as driving in snow, ice, rain, fog and sleet. In short, be prepared...

4 steps to get back on the road after a tire warning light

It’ll happen to every driver and likely at the most inopportune moment — like when you’re running late, on a family road trip or...

7 tips for long road trips with kids

Whether the length of your drive is three hours or 30 minutes, it can seem an eternity with a bored child in the car....

Volkswagen Breaks Ground on an $800 Million Electric Vehicle Production Expansion

". . . it's where the industry is going to electric mobility, by the fact that it's the first American built electric car it's phenomenal."

First Chattanooga Motorcar Festival Kicks Off Downtown

"The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival brings people from all over the world."

Chattanooga MotorCar Festival debuts in October

A Time Trial event will be held along the Riverfront.

NLRB hearing tomorrow decide Volkswagen Chattanooga union vote

See our Timeline of the union dispute, plus our list of what has changed since the 2014 vote

UAW Files for Union Election at Volkswagen

UAW Tries Again for Union Election for Maintenance and Production Employees

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