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7 things you may not know about your child's safety in cars

Parents and caregivers want to keep kids safe in the car, but keeping up with the latest recommendations can be tricky, especially as your...

Two Teen Designers Awarded $20,000 in Annual Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Contest

Posted: June 25, 2019 | Word Count: 111 For the last 19 years, creative young minds across the U.S. and Canada have been invited to...

Do’s and don’ts for a successful road trip

When it’s time to hit the road for a vacation, to visit friends and family or just to get away, you’re looking for fun...

First Chattanooga Motorcar Festival Kicks Off Downtown

"The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival brings people from all over the world."

3 things you didn’t learn in driving school

If you had to go back to driving school today, would you pass the parallel parking portion? What if the instructor tested your knowledge...

Think outside: 5 ways to disconnect and enjoy the outdoors

Life is hectic, full of demands at work and home. Add digital distractions like computers, cell phones, tablets and more, and it's no wonder...

Chattanooga MotorCar Festival debuts in October

A Time Trial event will be held along the Riverfront.

NLRB hearing tomorrow decide Volkswagen Chattanooga union vote

See our Timeline of the union dispute, plus our list of what has changed since the 2014 vote

UAW Files for Union Election at Volkswagen

UAW Tries Again for Union Election for Maintenance and Production Employees

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