Video of suspected Ridgeland High vandal


ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – The Walker County Sheriff’s Office needs your help tracking down the person who vandalized Ridgeland High School.

The schools has had two incidents in the last few months.

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The Sheriff posted video of the suspect on their Facebook page.

They believe the suspect is in his late 20’s, driving a late 90’s Ford Mustang with an SVO hood.

Investigators believe he busted out the school’s windows with a baseball bat.[0]=AZVzl4ChVwJSv3qPsSnaQ6dNrX0hUpLpblHcEO21EN384Yue7SHrzeT1CDJ1sgZkheWXe1OzBxQIJH8WbUnlFMNuIHA3muVKKac_WkJ3c6uiw2XHABej9ASJK6oZY1wg79CYm22q_TkY_mSwedZDGqZ938-iUfa4CW9Dk_NAUBzEnw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R