Family still can’t get into home after tree fell on house


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Last week saw heavy rainfall resulting in a tree falling on top of their house.

“No bruises and stuff like that so I mean I’m just glad to be alive,” said Robert Campbell.

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“Each day I mean, try to get stronger but then you have those moments to break you down because you really feel kind of discombobulated. You still got a try to focus and make it through the day,” said Campbell.

Stephanie black and Robert Campbell say they don’t know when they will get able to go back inside their house.

“First, it was once they removed all the trees and see how stable it is then we can but, now that all the trees are gone as in like the roof caved in more it’s going to be a while before we’re gonna be able to get through. I don’t know when. If we even ever going to get back in there,” said Campbell.

Campbell said it’s been rough living out of a motel for several days.

“Each week you got to come up with a weekly rent and you Gotta make sure you use two adjustments it’s just hard because you can’t get comfortable like it when your own place,” said Campbell.

They said they’re focused on trying to get through this without having to go to a shelter due to health concerns.

“Just trying to keep a roof over her head so we don’t have to go to a shelter because right now at this time Covid going on nobody wants to be stressed out. I know I can’t take it. She can’t take it. She’s got breathing problems, seizure disorders so that’s the last thing. Even though we have both been vaccinated we still can get it though and we are trying to go through that,” said Campbell.

Rent for the motel 6 is $386 a week.

They also want everyone to know they need renters or house insurance.