Man shot at Coolidge Park Sunday afternoon


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- One man was shot in what witnesses are calling a drive-by shooting at Coolidge Park tonight.

Four gunshots rang out in the parking lot off River Street around 6:30.

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 One woman says she saw the car window partially rolled down, with a gun sticking out.

A nearby security guard says the victim was shot in the leg.

Chattanooga Police believes the injury is non-life threatening.

CPD says the incident was targeted.

“When a private argument plays out in public like this and people resort to violence to resolve their differences and that’s the concern that the police department has. We are not going to tolerate people who are so reckless that they place other people in danger, to try to resolve whatever issue that they have. This is not acceptable and it is not going to happen”, adds Sgt. Jeremy Eames, with the Chattanooga Department.

CPD says they will be increasing patrols in the downtown and North Shore areas.