Hamilton County Health Department Hosts Pop Up Vaccine Events


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- When the vaccine first began to roll out the line at the Tennessee Riverpark seemed to have no end.

But now, there’s less people signing up to get the shot. So, the Hamilton County Health department decided to have pop up vaccination evens like the one today at the Super Carniceria Loa.

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 Dr. Fernando Urrego, the Interim Hamilton County Health Officer says, “Rather than having people come to us, we’re going to the people. So, the whole purpose of these pop up sites is finding sites in town where people are and hopefully we can get them. In this case, while they are buying milk and eggs.”

The health department says that they have seen the vaccination numbers decreasing.

They are working on clearing up any hesitancy that this associated with the vaccine within the minority communities.

Ezequiel Garcia, with the Hamilton County Health Department Communications Team, says, “Many times they don’t want to receive the vaccine because they are just hesitant. They don’t know what’s involved or they feel that they need to present several documents. Now, we made it so much more easier so that they don’t need to present any documents, any id’s. So, that helps with the hesitancy there.”

Amparo Herrera was one of 34 people to get vaccinated today.

She says that she is still skeptical of the shot but did it to protect her family.

“I’m really unsure for the short time that this come. But, I’m trying to be good for my kids”, adds Herrera.

The health department will be giving out vaccines tomorrow from 12 until 2 at the Bethlehem Center as well as Wednesday from 9 am until 5:30 at the Birchwood Clinic.

 For more information on times and locations, click here.