CPD biking for fallen law enforcement and survivors


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- “Probably the biggest thing, it’s like the Super Bowl, to be honest,” said Landon Winfield who’s dad died in the line of duty.

A team of Chattanooga Police officers is embarking on a 270-mile cycling tour to honor all law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty and remember the survivors left behind.

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“When I was three years old I kind of felt like I was alone because I didn’t think that a line of duty death happen that often. Then as soon as I get the kid’s camp I found it how often it actually happens  and I kind of felt like a family had come around me and it hasn’t left since,” said Winfield.

The Chattanooga Police Department team is participating in the 2021 Law Enforcement United’s Road to Hope ride along with other officers from across Tennessee.

Our division the top ride division decided we were going to do a Tennessee route from Clarksville to Chattanooga and so we have about 40 bicycle riders, law enforcement officers, as well as survivors. Fortunately, we have several with us riding with us this year,” said Lt. Heather Williams.

The CPD team has raised $18,000 for LEU and to support their ride.

“It’s a huge honor especially the sacrifices that they made and that their families of made,” said Williams.

I’ve done a lot of things but specifically through long enforcement united. To ride in and the police week has a lot more meaning to it because you ride into it with all the survivors who have also lost mom dad in the line of duty and it means the world to be able to do that. To know that you can help someone else knowing that they felt the same pain you had and you can relate your story to them,” said Winfield.

This isn’t the normal route as there are current event restricts in Washington D.C. but, it creates a special memory.
The team’s travels during the 3-day trek will continue to be updated.