CARTA returns to full service


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- CARTA returned to full-service operation today.

The bus system changed their schedules last spring because of the Coronavirus.

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All buses will be on their regular schedules.

CARTA is also expanding their by adding a North Shore Shuttle, and a St. Elmo/Incline Shuttle.

CARTA has also merged the Eastdale and Cromwell Road bus routes into the North Brainerd/Cromwell Road dial-a-ride route.

Lisa Maragnano, CARTA’s Executive Director says, “We are very, very excited about all of those adjustments and just like you said, just getting back to some sense of normalcy. We will still be requiring face masks on all of our routes. The TSA and the Federal Transit Administration and President Biden has still extended that. So, on all of our properties and on all of our vehicles, you still have to wear a face mask.”

CARTA will continue to provide rear door boarding and waive bus fares.

For additional information on CARTA’s routes, schedules and services click here.