National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Everyday bikers are gearing up for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

“I think the big thing is risk versus reward” said General Manager of Pandora’s European Motorsports. “Is the reward worth it? For motorcyclists it is.”

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Welch and Jeff Griffith from Pandora’s Motorsports, said training, courtesy, and remaining alert are the keys to a safe ride.

“As a motorcyclist, we need to have the assumption that we’re not being seen and we drive like we’re not being seen” said Griffith. “I’ve had people look at me in the eye, give me a nod, and still pull out in front of me.”

“I make my kid tell me every time he sees a motorcycle when we’re driving” said Welch.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office worked almost 40 motorcycle crashes since last year.

Statewide, there was more than 26 hundred motorcycle crashes in 2020.

According to Welch, speed can actually safe lives.

“So it’s actually safer to speed. It’s better to be passing cars, getting the cars cleared than to have cars passing you” said Welch. “There’s a point where it becomes reckless arguably but generally speaking, it is better to be going faster than the flow of traffic on a motorcycle.”

Although riding a motorcycle always comes an element of risk, Welch and Griffith said it’s totally worth it.

“There’s a certain amount of freedom riding a motorcycle” said Welch.

“My dad was into it. His dad was into it. His dad was into it. I started riding at the age of three. My son is three years old now and he’s got his first little electric motorcycle right now” said Griffith.