Chattanooga’s First Covid Vaccine Trial for Kids


CHATTANOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- ClinSearch, a Chattanooga Based researched company, will be one of the first institutions in the Tennessee Valley to start covid vaccine trials for children as young as 12.

Should parents be concerned?

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“This vaccine type has been used in flu vaccines which kids have benefitted from already” said Dr. Mark McKenzie of ClinSearch.

 Dr. McKenzie said the company is looking for around 60 children to begin the vaccine trials.

 The company conducted trials with more than 100 adults since last December.

“Because of the way kids are going through development we want to do trials like this on adults who have fully reached their development. We have a full or better understanding of their health challenges.”

 The trials have not yet begun but the symptoms are expected to the be the same in children and adults.

“Fever maybe. If they have anything, fatigue maybe for a day or two. Headaches. Joint or muscle aches.”

 But Dr. McKenzie is confident that the entire population will benefit from young people being vaccinated.

Considering kids are likely to be a symptomatic carriers, He says herd immunity is the goal.

“Because kids are a large part of our population, by testing them and getting them vaccinated, we can help suppress the virus from transmitting.

Dr. McKenzie says he expects children receiving their covid vaccine shots to become the norm as early as this Summer.

For more information, you can call ClinSearch: 423-698-4584