House votes to take Marjorie Greene’s committee assignment away


WASHINGTON D.C. (WDEF) – The U.S. House of Representatives has taken the unprecedented step of taking a northwest Georgia Congresswoman’s committee assignment away from her.

11 Republicans joined Democrats in voting Marjorie Taylor Greene off of House panels.

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Republicans refused a Democratic ultimatum to do it themselves.

While many of her own party have criticized her comments on conspiracies, the Trump election and school shootings, they argued it was a dangerous precedent for one party to meddle in another party’s affairs.

The northwest Georgia representative addressed the House herself before the vote.

“What you need to know about me is that I am a very regular American, just like the people I represent in my district.”

She blamed the media and cancel culture for painting a false picture of her.

“I never once said during my entire campaign ‘QAnon.’ I never once said any of the things I’m being accused of today during my campaign.  I never said any of these things since I have been elected to Congress.  These are words from my past.”

Her apology for her QAnon likes in 2018 was “The problem with that, though, was that I was allowed to believe things that were not true, and I would ask questions about them and talk about them and that is absolutely what I regret.  Because if it weren’t for the Facebook posts and comments that I liked in 2018, I wouldn’t be standing here today and you couldn’t point a finger and accuse me of doing anything wrong.”