Mom to Mom – Get Rid of the Grumpies with Homemade Stress Balls


Today we’re making homemade stress balls. We have some pretty basic, simple ingredients that you have right in your home. We have balloons, we have some flour and then we have an empty water bottle that you’re going to put the flour in. Take a funnel and stick it on your empty bottle. Pour about three fourths cup of flour into the funnel. Now this is where it gets a little tricky. It would be kind of messy. So, you just want to kind of pour it in there and then you’re going to have to like tap it, shake, tap.

And this might take some time to do, just to get it all in there. You can put your balloon over the top. Now, you do want to blow a little bit of air, this is the most important part, a little bit of air into the balloon. So, the flour can go in there easily. So I’m just going to blow a little bit of air in here, and then I’m kind of twist it a little bit so I can get it over the top of the water bottle, and then I’m going to dump it upside down. And then you’ll release a little bit of the air out of the balloon that you just put in there, so the flour can transfer. You just squeeze until you get all the flour into your stress ball. Once you’re done, so you take it off, let some of the air out and then the flour can kind of poof out. So just be a little careful with that, see. And now you tie it.

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Walla, like that, and then we can decorate it however you want. But the kids really enjoy doing this. They can pull on it and it won’t break. I have a five-year-old who just basically almost rips a thing apart and it does not break. So hopefully moms, you enjoy doing this. It helps your little ones with those added stress or grumpies that they have. So moms if you get any ideas, please send them my way. You can always hit us up on our Mom To Mom page for more tips.

  • Mandy Williamson