Man Pardoned by President Trump Starts Tennis Foundation


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- 31 years and 20 days.

That’s how long it took for Darrell Frazier to return home and hug his family again.

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Over 30 years and counting spent serving a prison sentence, canceled by former President Donald Trump.

“What does it mean to you that the outgoing President reprieved your sentence” asked News 12’s Winston Reed.

“It means the world to me dog, that the President granted me executive clemency” said Frazier.

Now free, Frazier is picking up where he left off as a child, revolving his life around the sport of tennis.

“My mother and my brother they was teaching tennis” said Frazier.

In 2005, Frazier attended a non-profit class at California penitentiary.

It was there, he decided to start the Joe Johnson Tennis Foundation. A non-profit organization to teach kids the sport for free.

“The African American families, they couldn’t pay the cost to just have their kids to take 1 hundred dollar an hour lessons -75 dollars an hour lessons, 4 hour lesson, three or four days a week. It was just too much” said Frazier.

“It takes a knack to want to work with children in any kind of way but in this particular way being that I played the sport all my life” said Frazier’s Brother, Dargin Johnson.

Over the past 15 years, Frazier’s brother Dargin and mother Joyce Johnson ran the foundation.

“We taught thousands of kids since I’ve created this foundation” said Frazier.

“It made me more enthusiatic about teaching kids because I knew -I could see where they would go and how successful they would be not only in the sport but life as well” said Dargin Johnson.

Frazier is remorseful for his past mistakes, “I wanted to create a foundation to give back to the community for the wrong I did in the community.”

Frazier says he intends to take the role as president of the Joe Johnson Tennis foundation going forward.