Church helps neighbors in Park Lake Apartment fire


FORT OGLETHORPE, Georgia (WDEF) – After the Park Lake Apartments in Fort Oglethorpe caught fire over the weekend, its neighbor, Brainerd Baptist linked up with Red Cross.

“The Red Cross basically needed a place to be able to utilize spots that they could help those families that were in need because that’s typically where they go to, you know, past your insurance company and all of the rest of that you’re going to and seek some need and assistance from the Red Cross,” North Georgia Campus Pastor Paul Laso said.

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The church opened its doors to the Red Cross and started helping families in need.

“What you’re seeing is a lot of people rallying together to be able to say how can we come along side and help and be able to further whatever we can do to bring some good to these people, because they’ve lost everything,” Pastor Laso said.

Community leaders created a Facebook page, Park Lake Apartment Fire Community Help.

They’re gathering donations for the victims and handing them out on Tuesday at noon at Gilbert Stephenson Park.

The church is taking financial donations at

“They’re needing cleaning supplies that they weren’t planning for. They need some help professional to have some things cleaned that they otherwise couldn’t do themselves and some of them because of this catastrophic event and unplanned insurance that they didn’t have for it. They don’t have any money to be able to cover some these things and so that’s where these funds are going to,” Pastor Laso said.

The fire sent three residents to the hospital.

There were no fatalities.