Chattanooga 2.0 Recap & Goals


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It has been five years since the Chattanooga 2.O launch. It’s goal is to provide a birth to career education pathway.

On Thursday, Chattanooga 2.0 released its first progress report. Overall, they have seen significant improvement in schools.

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Graduation rates for high school and post-secondary are up.

On the downside, the report found only 1 in 4 children in Hamilton county are enrolled in an early learning program.

The department wants to change moving forward.

Molly Blankenship, executive director of Chattanooga 2.0 says, “Since 2015, organizations and leaders across our community have been working to implement strategies that are align to Chattanooga’s 2.0 shared vision, and that were detailed in our original strategic plan. And, we have seen much success along the way.”

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