Are negative COVID-19 test needed to return to work?


(WDEF)- Some places of work require negative COVID-19 tests before being allowed to return. This can cause multiple positive tests on the same person.

There have been questions on what multiple positive COVID tests for the same person means for the total number of COVID cases in each county.

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The Hamilton County and North Georgia Health departments said multiple positive tests by the same person are counted as one positive case. Hamilton County Health Department said the second and rest of tests are counted in the number of tests Hamilton County does, but they are not counted as a positive case more than once.

According to the CDC, employers should not require a negative COVID test to return back to work. Both Hamilton County and North Georgia Health Departments agree with that recommendation.

“Persons diagnosed with COVID-19 who have recovered and remain asymptomatic are not recommended to get retested within 3 months after the symptom onset date. A growing body of data shows that, although the COVID-19 virus can be found in recovered patients for weeks, they are not infectious beyond their isolation period,” said Hamilton County Health officials.

That means you can still test positive, but no longer be contagious.

Health leaders said it can take weeks or even months for some to test negative.

According to the CDC, most people are no longer infectious after 10 days.