Two arrested in chase near Wildwood, Georgia

from Dade County Sheriff's Office
TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – A Lookout Valley driver has been charged after a high speed chase in northwest Georgia on Tuesday.
Eric TyraIt started after 3PM, when Eric Tyra’s car shot by Dade County deputies on Highway 299 near the Tennessee line at Wildwood.
Deputies chased them through a trailer park and headed toward I 24.
They were on the entrance ramp, when deputies used a pit maneuver to force them off the road and into the embankment.
They arrested both men in the vehicle.
Officers say they found marijuana, drug packing material and a handgun in the car.
from Dade County Sheriff’s Office
Tyra faces fleeing, drug and weapons charges, along with 4 outstanding warrants in Tennessee.
Cody ElrodPassenger Cody Elrod from Higdon, Alabama was charged with possession and weapons charges.
Sheriff Cross said “I am amazed each time I see my officers work together to stop these criminals. They have no regard for the safety of our citizens and place everyone at risk… deputies ended the pursuit quickly and eliminated those risks to the public.”
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